Custom toilet training and sleep training solutions for your toddler

Get your kid to go potty. Sleep through the night.

  • Ishtar Gabriel, BA, MSc, is an award-winning Hamilton, ON therapist specializing in sleep and potty training for toddlers. She helps parents raise happy, healthy, compassionate, engaged children.

  • Ishtar will help you implement an appropriate sleep schedule, create a safe and optimal sleep environment, and encourage your child to self-soothe and sleep through the night.

  • Ishtar's customized approach encourages independent potty use, recognizing when to use the toilet, and setting realistic expectations based on your child's age, gender and temperament.

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Panicked about potty training?

Ishtar will help you get your toddler ready for potty training by:

  • identifying potty readiness signs in your child
  • overcoming potty objections and road blocks
  • dealing with bowel retention
  • getting your child to use the potty without parental reminders
  • customizing a potty plan to suit your family’s needs and values


Get your kid to go potty


Whole house up in the middle of the night?

Ishtar will help you get everyone back in their beds and sleeping through the night by:

  • identifying behavioural issues related to sleep
  • dealing with toddler fears and bed time excuses
  • designing an optimal bed time routine and schedule for your toddler
  • teaching toddler self-soothing strategies


Get a good night’s sleep



My husband and I haven't slept in a year. We knew we had to sleep train our daughter but dreaded doing it since our first attempt resulted in a whole lot of crying! We were sure nothing would work. The New Mummy Company was our last effort to get some sleep, but we made sure not to have high hopes so we won't get disappointed. We spoke to Ishtar, a gift to mothers everywhere. She was extremely knowledgeable and knew exactly what she was doing, and the character type of our daughter, which helped us understand her more. She provided amazing support through the entire process and was always available when needed! The best part was that I knew we were in the hands of a professional. The training took three nights, but we got a solid 12-hour night from the second night! It's pure magic.

HanaParent, Jordan

My husband and I were at a loss for how to handle our daughter's frustrating night sleeping habits. After carefully listening to our story and asking questions about our daughter's personality and temperament, Ishtar immediately offered a plan that we were able to implement easily. We were thrilled when the strategy worked immediately and many weeks later, she is still sleeping soundly through the night and until a reasonable hour in the morning. She gave us the confidence and support we needed to tackle the problem and followed up with us to see how we were doing. She exceeded our expectations with both how quickly we achieved the results we were looking for as well as her support along the way.

LisaParent, Toronto

Ishtar has a very well developed knowledge of children’s early development and milestones. She helped me teach my child several skills such as toilet training and utilizing picture schedules to assist with the morning routine. In addition, she did it with humour and compassion.

JenParent, Ancaster

Ishtar Gabriel has transformed my life and subsequently the life of everyone in my immediate family. She embraced our family dynamic with so much professionalism, integrity and above all, love. Ishtar is passionate about her work with families, she is attentive to each individual’s needs and tries to bridge the gap in a way that is healthy, supportive and constructive to all involved.

NajwaMom and full-time paramedic, Mississauga

From the moment we met Ishtar we were impressed with her professionalism and dynamic knowledge of behaviour therapies and holistic approaches to her services. She listened attentively, asked the right questions and provided us with solutions and choices – a very empowering and humbling experience. We have learned about ourselves as individuals and as a family unit. Thank you, Ishtar!

MaryParent, Hamilton


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