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Thank you to all my clients

After almost five years in private practice, I'm finally getting my act together (with the help of my dear friend Jeff, my new techie guy). I have an updated website, mailing list, schedule system and invoicing process—but none of this…

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Dreams of a Stay-at-Home Dad

At times I wonder if I made the right decision. Then a pot of potatoes boils over or a grilled cheese starts to burn
  • Dreams of a Stay-at-Home Dad

By Jeff Shiau The year was 1978. I was 4. The morning light muffled its way through my pale bedroom curtains and turned an opaque blue. My mother was lying beside me, smiling, the skin of her face so smooth.…

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KIDU Reward Tips

Use it before you lose it.  As parents we tend to bring out the reinforcers when all else fails.  Introduce reward charts to your children to encourage good behaviour before there is an issue.   Focus on the positive.  Reward…

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