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Gratitude with KIDU

As Christmas is closely approaching and a furious energy stirs around us as we make lists, buy presents, bake cookies, wrap gifts and decorate trees—the staff at KIDU challenge you to pause and consider adopting a practice of gratitude this holiday season—not because we claim to do gratitude better than others—-but because we are moms too. Moms who typically get lost in the feverish pace of it all and don’t realize we missed the point until after the presents are opened and turkey is eaten. Make this your year to do Christmas differently! Make this your year to approach Christmas fully engaged, fully present and joy-filled!


As the owner of KIDU I rarely share personal stories with my followers. But I am one of the converted and now believe gratitude is essential to our spirits—-especially as moms. After several years of hearing and reading about the power of gratitude from Oprah to Anthony Robbins I was finally forced to give gratitude a try. Recently, during an extremely stressful time in my own personal life I made a commitment to practice gratitude—not for a moment but as a daily ritual—and not because I was convinced it would work—-but because I was desperate. I started slowly and painfully as I struggled to write down just 5 things I was grateful for—my house, my health, my kids—the usual. Eventually, over time the miracle of gratitude—the power of gratitude—happened. I began to see the blessings in everyone and everything and my list got longer and more detailed and I began to look forward to my time of gratitude. The real miracle was that my circumstances hadn’t changed—just my attitude.


This holiday season the staff at KIDU wish you all the blessings of gratitude. Blessings that include physical, psychological and social benefits according to Robert Emmons world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude. The extraordinary benefits include, stronger immune system, lower blood pressure, more optimistic, more forgiving and compassionate. These benefits are not just a gift you can give to yourself but gifts you can give your whole family.


Join us on facebook as you DARE to do Christmas differently this year. Post your gratitudes, challenges and triumphs! We look forward to reading them and hearing from all of you.



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